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Effective websites and adwords campaign management from professionals.


Search Engine Optimization - SEO consultants

Playing by the rules of GOOGLE pays off. You set up a website following the guidelines set out by google and you start developing your content to attract visitors. The more unique content you offer the more prospects you can reach.

At same time you build links and increase popularity of your domain. and the mix of on-site and off-site seo starts to work out.

Sooner or later you realise that your competitors are doing better than you - something must be done to catch up with them.

Now you turn to an agency that handles GOOGLE matters and offer good results in the search engine result pages [serps]. And you can sit back and transfer the fee you agreed on.

Is that what you want? Positions in the serps? For highly competitve terms and expressions? We at ADVERZUM doubt that approximate search volumes will deliver you the visitors that convert.

There are to problems with this. The first thing is that search trends with people change quickly and second the terms or phrases may not channel visitors to the site. If they do, they might cause higher bounce rates and thus slipping in the serps after a while as a consequence.

You need to go further and optimise for long tail phrases and expressions - keywords that best describe your service or product.

Why? To improve conversion rate you need hits by visitors who are real prospects. You need to perform thorough keyword reasearch against keywords, terms that your competitors go for and filter this with current search trends.

SEO to acquire google hits in the serps

The search engine gigant GOOGLE rules the market of organic searches in most parts of the world. There is nothing new on that.

Making any effort in order to get more visitors is now attached to google algorhytm and its updates that happen on a day-to-day basis. There were cca 450 such minor changes in 2007 alone.

Can you keep up with the latest developments in online marketing? Do you know when to reconsider existing policy on SEO of your site? Are you uptodate in all aspects of online advertisement?

If so - you must be managing marketing in house. If not - you need an expert agency that works with you hand-in-hand to get the most out of your website.

A pro SEO and SEM agency can handle all areas and issues surrounding this industry and lets you rule the market or at least helps compete against the big ones.


Search engine optimization services as part of a comprehensive online marketing campaign.
Viral marketing solutions - an art of alternative, unconventional way of online advertising.
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